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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I had a great Christmas. I got a Nintendo DS lite. I also got a gift card for gamestop that allowed me to get 3 more games. And I got a teddy bear that had a lavender pack in it. I also got this kit that lets you make lip balm. Jenna got this really cool card game called Scrabble word slam. It is so much fun. I got a monopoly card game which I have not tried yet. I got several other gift cards. One being for Blockbuster which I am really exited about because I can get more DS games. I got other things but I don't feel like writing them.

For New Years Eve, (today!! how did that happen!!!) I am doing what my family always does. Watch all three lord of the rings and usually order Chinese food. Last year we ( we meaning every one but mom) stopped halfway through Return of the King and played Uno ( really fun card game) until one in the morning. I wish you could come over and watch it with us but I am sick and I do not want to contaminate your household. Elaine's kitten Fiona is wreaking havoc. She almost pulled down the bird cage, tried to jump into the fish tank and walked across my key board all in five minutes. She is a little terror!! Well I am off to check My Cafe. that stupid facebook game is addicting!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On Snow and Singing

Well. That is a LOT of snow! By the time it was done snowing it was a little over my knee!! The cantata was moved to Tuesday because of all the snow and I was very disappointed. What I have just realized is that my friends Anna (singer) and Addison (guitarist) will not be there. At least I do not think so. They were going to leave right after the Cantata to visit family. Also Anna has a Solo in Silent Night. So I do not know if someone else is doing it or if all of us are singing it. The Cantata is at 6:30 tonight. I just hope the church parking lot was plowed. I had a lot of fun playing in the snow with Jenna though. We kept racing to the top of our small (small) hill and Jenna kept winning because I kept falling. ( which would have have absolutely nothing to do with my really to tight snow pants!!! Well it might also be my gravity issues. Probably.) We made a sled track. Also, we had fainting contests. Mom was judge. Although that doesn't really do any good because she said "you were both wonderful". I think she is missing the point of the whole "contest" part. I have a doctors appointment today and then the Cantata. WELL!! Busy busy busy!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

story of my life.

Okay so I went upstairs to "clean" my room and I put my point of grace CD in. Well it just so happens that I always "forget" to "clean" my room when I listen to music. So anyway I am sitting on my bed singing along and getting mad at my hair for refusing to go into a hair clip. As I listen to their song Worthless I get a great idea. I should do that song for special music some Sunday for church!! ( Now I really don't know why this though came into my head. I hate singing in front of people and despite what people say I think my voice stinks.) Then I listen more closly and hear two different people singing at different times and I think to myself " Oh I could do this with Jenna!!!" ( Now this I also have no idea why I thought. Jenna hates singing in front of people way more than me) So I went down stairs and got Jenna. It turns out she loves this song. So we get all ecstatic and I go down stairs to print the lyrics. After about ten minutes of waiting patiently (okay not so patiently.) for Mom to get off the computer I sit down and type in "lyrics to worthess by point of grace". It comes up and I click on the first link. Half the word are missing and I really want the different parts and echos. So I click on the next link. same thing. After about eight minutes of rephrasing and clicking I found one i could live with. I go to copy and past it onto Microsoft word. It won't let me. So I click "file" "print" and then it prints four pages NONE OF WHICH ARE THE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad. well that is the story of my life for today. woe is me and all that.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Last day of Discovory camp

We started out the day finishing our spoons. Mine had the roundest top, Bridget had the smoothest bowl and Seneca had the best handle. We were all better at something than someone else so we handed our spoons to each other to do. After we had finished making our spoons we went over and learned about remedies.
Did you know that you can make a toothpaste out of charcoal and honey? It really works too. And all you can taste is the honey. After we finished that we got dressed together for the last time. We were all so sad. However we did manage to make a circle with all seven people so we did all the ties at once! We tried to do that all week and we finally managed to do that.
Juliana and I think, Seneca wanted shawls so we all were being silly and going outside and acting like we were frozen and Seneca was saying, " Oh if I get to cold and I go into a coma and die it will be all your fault." Finally they got the shawls and later they were too hot! After the acting was over we left to the potters.
We said "Good Day" to every single person we saw on the way. I don't know why. When we got to the potters we watched him make a jug. Then we went out to play at turning the clay. Chloe was playing in the junk clay pile and said that if she were in her normal clothes then she would have been rolling in it! Her hands were covered in clay and she stopped at every puddle until she was clean.
Then we went for a stagecoach ride around the common. Then we went into the tavern and had lunch. Or dinner in 1830's point of view.
When we finished that, we went into the town house garden and sketched and water colored stuff. I did the town house, Bridget tried to do the town house but failed so she did a very nice gazebo. Chloe's Day Lily was the best by far, I swear that girl is good at everything. Everyone else did flowers too. We were not quite finished but we had to go back into the tavern to learn dances. It was really fun.
We learned three dances. Then we had snacks. I love jumbles and I grabbed two of them. They are kind of small. After that we went back to town house and finished our drawings/paintings. I did not paint mine. When I was almost done a saw Mom and Dad coming and I dropped my stuff got up really fast and ran over to them. Boy had I missed them!! I wish they had brought the dog though.
My picture of the town house is quite nice although not really good. When we were all done we went back to museum E.D and changed put a stain stick on all the stains and exchanged addresses, emails ,phone numbers and facebook accounts. Mom sad she might let me have a facebook to keep in touch with my friends!
Well , my fingers are getting tired too. I will leave now. I had so much fun. Now I think I will go laugh at my dad trying to play wii fishing!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My fourth day at Discovery Camp

Oh my, I just took my socks off and found half and inch deep line where the top of the sock is! Painful!! Today we started off getting dresses as usual. I don't think I mentioned that we do an Assembly line to get dressed, since the back of the dresses are covered in ties and clips.
We had some time before school, so we sewed and practiced our spelling. I am working on a second tea cosy because I finished mine. It is a pretty pattern that is green.
After that we had school. I did spelling. Actually, everyone did spelling except Chloe. She did reading.
Then we went fishing and all together, we caught 21. Bridget and I were partners, we caught 8. The most of the group.
Then we went and had lunch and after that we played jump rope with the little kids. I love jump rope!
After that we helped carry the games back into the town house, and left for the museum. When we were there, we got changed. While we were waiting for our teacher, we slid down the banisters, raced back up to the top and slid again. Finally a teacher came and we went into wood shop and started our wooden spoons. We used old fashioned tools and did it by hand. They are not done, we still have to sand out the edges.
Then we had a whip cream race. All the groups were split up into two groups and we raced to see who's would become whip cream first. The other team won and the teachers said that they had the better whisk and it was not fair. When we had that finished, we had the cream on shortcake and strawberries and blueberries.
Then we went back to the home room and had our cookies and lemonade and wrote in out journals. I brought my sewing home. Again.
I still have a headache. I can't seem to make it go away. Anyway I have to go work on my sewing!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well I just took a shower and I feel refreshed and I am ready for another dusty sweaty day at the village! I mean that in a good way! I can't believe that there are only two days left already. We are having so much fun!
Tomorrow we have school and I think I am going to either do math or spelling. Before that we might try to fit in fishing. I also know that we are making wooden spoons at the end of the day.
The last day there is a dance. We get to learn the dances from the 1830's. I have done some before but I don't really remember.
Something that is funny is that whenever I do discovery camp, I remember how much I love dresses. Then when I get home, I remember how much easier it is to run and jump in pants! Ah well I guess I will just have to find a dress with a big skirt!
I have to go to bed now (well actually I don't have to go to bed until 10:00 but it would be a good idea to go to bed now.) Maybe then my headache will go away..............................................

My third day at Discovery Camp

Today we left to the village right after we got dressed. We went to Fitch and made Jumbles which are really good cookies. I am going to make them when I get home. While we were waiting for them to cook we worked on our sewing. (that is if it is okay with my mother!!!) I still have a headache but not as bad as yesterday. After we went to Fitch we went to the Town House and made..........................BUTTER!!! It tastes so good!!! We had it on Saltines. When the rest of the group was exploring Sonica, (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) Rosie and I were twirling to make our dresses go out like hoop skirts. But when we heard someone coming we stopped. We did not want to make the impression that if you were from the 1800 you were nuts!! When we finished exploring (and twirling) we left to go get the games and bring them to the tables where we ate. Shortly after we finished eating, we went onto the common and had races. I love playing hoops. However I prefer sewing so that is what I did. I am going to finish it tonight so I can start another one! After that we skipped (literally) down to the dock for a boat ride. While waiting for the boat we sewed. It was funny though because whenever the gun for the demonstration went off some of us jumped and or screamed. And it seemed that the bonnets had Dragonfly attractant on them because they kept landing on us!! When we were settled on the boat we ( you will never guess what) we took out our sewing and listened to the tour guide talk about the river we were on. (I don't know how to spell it!) After that we left to do farm chores. Although the Farmers seemed to forget about us so they were kind of late. While we where waiting we pet the pigs and sheep. ( I wanted to sew!) When the farmer finally came he set us to work weeding around the potatoes. Oh and did I mention the picking the potato bugs off the leaves and squishing them under your feet of between you fingers? They left that job to me! When we were done with that we washed our hands and then went onto the Blacksmith shop for a while. While everyone else was taking turns pumping the bellows, I was (guess what this is so new) sewing. Then we went back to museum E.D. ( I have been calling it the home building.) On the way back we played Pooh sticks except with leaves. Mine has not one won 21 century clothing and wrote in our journals while eating lemonade and drinking cookies. (Did I really just say that? Boy am I tired) What I mean to say is eating cookies and drinking lemonade. Then Memere and Grandpa came to pick me up and we stopped and went shopping ( Jenna, Grandpa and I waited in the car) and now I am sitting here finishing up and I am about to go watch Princess Bride, eat watermelon, and sew! We all started our Teapot cosy at the same time but I am really far ahead. Then again I do keep bringing mine home to work on! Well I will talk tomorrow when I record my day. Bye!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Second day at Discovery Camp

Well when we got there we were told that we could not go fishing and we could not do the boat ride because of the rain. And I have a really bad headache. The first thing that we did was go to Freeman farm to look at the gardens and learn about it. We also got to go into the root cellar. After that we went and had lunch and then went to see the Punch and Judy show. It was a slapstick comedy.
After that we sewed for a while in the tavern. We would have had fishing after that but it was raining so instead we went back to the mail building.
When we got there we finished making the Pickles which we can not eat until the 28th at least. After that we made pounded cheese which tastes really good!!!
I really wish I had a friend there though. I mean everyone is nice (in our group anyway this other group threw part of their lunch at me and Chloe.) but I don't really know them.
Then we went back to our room and worked on our sewing until the lemonade and chocolate chip cookies came. When we finished that we took out our journals and wrote in them our day. (like I am doing now) Then Memere came to pick me up, we walked out of the village drove home where I am now sitting trying to hurry up and finish this so I can go watch Garfield and drink some water to try to make this headache go away!
I cant wait 'till tomorrow but I will have to wear Memere's shoes because mine are to tight and my feet really hurt although not as much as my head!

waiting for day two

I am sitting at the chair in front of the computer wishing that it was nine so I could be at the village. I finished sewing the outer part of my tea cozy. now when I get to the village I will put the stuffing into it then quilt it. I think I am ahead of my group. Unless they brought it home like I did.
Anyway I have to go braid my hair into pigtails for the village. You are supposed to but everyone else didn't get the memo I guess. I have to go wake up jenna to.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My first day at Discovery camp

Okay, so when we got there we got to pick out our outfits first which NEVER happens. Mine is blue with white.
After that we went to the the store and exchanged cloth for string to make the whisks. We made them out of birch twigs and tied them off with string.
Then we went and had lunch after a horse and buggie ride around the common. After we finished playing graces we left to go back to the home center.
When we were there we did woodwork and made a cheese grate. The wood backing on mine broke twice because the grain was bad and I had to draw and then saw three times but I somehow managed to be done before almost everyone!! I have no idea how though.
I am also working on a tea cozy and I brought that home to sew. I also have to but in stuffing and then quilt so I will have plenty to do. Hopefully I will finish that and get to make another one!!!! I can't wait for tomorrow.
I have a really weird village name though, Vernera Sheperd. Odd, Just like me!! Anyway, I have to go and eat dinner then work on my sewing!!
Thanks for taking time to read my WONDERFUL day!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ah well...............

So today Mom got me up for babysitting and I got up ate breakfast and asked Mom if we should call Mrs. Lewis to make sure we were on. When we got there Mom dropped me off and left. When I got to the house and knocked Mrs. Lewis answered. She said that they were not expecting me. Apparently Mom had given her the wrong dates and so she had planed a day with their friends. So I called Mom and she came back and picked me up. SO glad that was over.
Okay then we left to go to the VBS meeting and did I mention that the meeting was NEXT week!!!!! But we did not know that!
Ah well, now we are watching Deadliest Catch. I can't wait for tomorrow. Memere is coming and Saturday we are going to the fair. Then we are going to Charlton and doing Discovery camp. I CAN'T WAIT but unfortunately I will have to. Ah well.................................

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I had so much fun at Creation.  Some of my favorite bands were there!  Third Day, Casting crowns, Reliant K, Skillet.............  IT WAS   AWESOME!!  Happy Independence day by the way.  Speaking of that the fireworks were awesome!!  Then again all fireworks are awesome!!    Anyway, Back to Creation.  I sprayed my hair pink and it looked really cool!   It was a bit of a walk to get to the mainstage but it didn't really matter.  We were up late every night and up early every morning!  On the way to Pensylvania, we Played twister.  On a school bus!! it was like you had one fot on the roof, one on the seat, a hand on the floor and the other on the roof!!  It was crazy!!  My Mom has pictures of us all tangled up.  Even the Adults were playing.  Well I have to go........................Play a Wii game.  (But in my defence I am stranded on an island and I kneed to play with my monkeys!!!!) 

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am so exited!!  Tomorrow is Creation!!   I am so exited!!  Casting Crowns, Third Day AND Reliant K will be there.  And many many more!!!!!!!!!   I can't wait!!  Well I have to go finish packing.  It will be a long ride. (Pennsylvania)  I need to find some books. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today I am at My Memere's. My Family and I are going to see a play that she and my Mautant directed. I cannot wait. Mom is going to try to get me into a play back home. I found this really cool new book seiries! It is about a family who solves mistereries and a new character is introdused every book. The books take place in National Parks. Well most of them anyway. I am on the third book. Deathly waters. They are the "NAtional parks Mysterys" By Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson. I think that they are awesome although nothing can beat The Sisters Grimm. This is pretty clost though. These books are a mix of Fiction and truth. Mostily Truth though. I love a good mystery no matter what it is! Well I think I am going to keep reading or go watch TV with my family untill the play. It is at 7:30 but we have to be there at 7:00 to get good seats. talk later!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Exited Again!

My Grandparents came last night for my Dad's birthday. We ate dinner and watched TV. Although it was my Father's birthday they brought gifts for all of us. The biggest thing Jenna and I are DOING DISCOVERY CAMP AT OLD STURBRIGE VILLAGE! What is Discovery Camp you might ask. You get to dress up in clothes from the 1800's. You get to learn about the times, you get to cook interact with the animals. And more. SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO Exited!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can't Wait!

I can't wait until the 4 of April!! We are going to Florida. While we are there, we are going to Sea World, Bush Gardens, AND Disney!!!!!!!!!! I am so exited! We are also going to other places like the beach and some cool restaurants around there. I am so so so so so so so so so oh so exited. We are going in 16 days. Only 16 days left. We are staying overnight at Disney. The first day will be spent at Epcot. The second day is all over Disney.

Oops have to go, I need an MRI on my wrist.
Not again!! Mom woke me up this morning and told me to get up. What she forgot to mention was the fact that It was Thursday! My Babysitting Day at Christ Chapel! Oh Man! So I was writing in my diary as happy as can be, and than mom came rushing upstairs, Rowan get up! Mrs. Lewis is here!! (Mrs. Lewis is the one who picks me up) Get up get up! get dressed! So I got up and got dressed. It turned out fine we got there on time. But still Hectic!

Since I forgot earlier, here a bit about me. I have a lot of pets. 2 Guinea pigs, 2 Cats, 1 Dog, A fish tank(with fish in it), 2 Birds and 2 hermit crabs. But, We will not have the hermit crabs much longer, one of my mom's friends is taking them. I also Have a sister but my mom would kill me if I had wrote this 2 cats, 1 dog ,1 sister, she would not like that one bit. And Jenna would kill me too, therefore I decided it would be a bad Idea. I should probably eat lunch and start school now! I did not eat breakfast, and I am starved!! got to go

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hi I'm Rowan, This is my first entree in my blog. I don't have the most interesting life in the world. Mostly I read. But I will tell about my (BORING) life. I love to play outside, and the other day I was building a fort. then I realized that the tree I was balancing on was one of the trees that my dad was gonna cut down. So I told him that I really NEEDED to keep that tree, he said that He would consider it. Well that is the moment of my life for today. See ya.