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Monday, August 13, 2012

First OSV day in August!

Wow!!  *Facepalm*  I have not posted in SO long. IM SO SORRY EVERYONE!!  I have been busy, and I have been sick.

   Okay so, my Lyme disease is making it hard for me to form coherent sentences and it has taken me from like 6 to 11 to write this in a way that is at all understandable, but I apologize ahead of time for how oddly it is written. (Side note. Its 7 in the morning on Sunday. I am fixing my post a little because its lack of coherency is kind of scary) (Still editing on Monday. wow)

        On sickness....
I missed last month at Old Sturbridge Village because I was...rather sick. The antibiotics for my Lyme Disease kinda sorta PUT A BIG DARN HOLE in my stomach. Which was rather painful. I spent a month and a half curled up in a ball hugging my stomach and trying not to cry. Occasionally I would leave the house, but I really just stayed in.  Whenever I eat or drink, it still hurts a little, but the medicine I took mostly helped.

      Okay, now for ...bum bum about the village and my time there! :-D

  Soooo Memere came and picked me up Thursday morning, and so I was just kinda bopping around the house for those two days but FRIDAY  I was at Freeman in the Morning and Games in the afternoon.

   By the way, the weather is awful. Its wicked hot, and its humid which makes it all the worse. Not only that, but it has been raining on and off, so by late afternoon the light rain became a thunderstorm. So between 1 and 3 the weather was HORRIBLE!

Highly doubting that the non-rainy weather would hold, I rushed my way to Freeman Farm around 8:45. Being the first one there, so I sat in the kitchen for about half an hour studying up on the school packet (Because I had school house after lunch) when finally people showed up. Yayness! Saturday is Bake day, so that means GUESS WHAT..bum bum baa...baking!  I had never actually used the bake oven before and for those of you who have not had to put wood in a bake oven, its like reaching your hand into a small brick box which feels like a million degrees inside with occasional flames licking up and around your arm. When I was putting all of  the wood and kindling into the bake oven, I managed to stab myself with a splinter, and its really odd, cause the rest of the day it was randomly re-opening and bleeding again. Weird, right?  

For some reason I adore washing butter. You are probably like "Wash butter? Why the heck would you need to wash butter?"   Well, the way that butter is stored, is in a red-ware crock full of salty water. To keep the butter under the surface of the water, is a circle of wood and a rock on top of that, and then a lid on the top of the crock. That keeps for an incredibly long time.

Hehe the one problem with working at Old Sturbridge Village is that now I really really want to live on a farm. With just a cow and some chickens I think I could be happy...But sheep would be fun too. 

What did we cook you ask? First, we made Cupcake (Which is my all time favorite thing ever!). It is not like today's cupcakes, but is in fact called a cup cake because all of the measurements are in cups. Wanna know the recipe so you can make it at home? Well, here you go!
(I HIGHLY recommend making this. Its kind of amazing.)
 4 eggs
3 cups of flour
2 cups of sugar
1 cup of butter (Softened)
 Whisk together in large bowl, move to a pan and bake in the oven at 325 for 20 minutes.

  Besides the cupcake, we made a Rhubarb Pie ( I do not have the recipe for that one)
And we also made a bread

Sadly, I have no idea how these came out because, since  I was doing the school house lesson and I had to leave half an hour early so I could take my lunch hour and be there at 12:30.

It was soooo freaking warm all day, and standing in front of a fire got me all gross, so taking a break and walking around with a breeze at my back was sooo nice.

  Not at all surprisingly, as soon as I got into the school house, it started POURING which, though annoying, is kind of a good thing. I was worried there would not be many people there and the rain gave me quite the audience! Granted, a somewhat unwilling audience, but they were interested none the less.
   I always love giving little kids school lessons. Their faces light up cause they are proud of themselves, and they just stare up at you with a kind of little kid awe in their face... 
After a school lesson  answered a ton of questions, and did another random school lesson a few times cause they asked if they could do it again.  Being that the rain was coming down in torrents, Katie (the girl who was in charge of games that day) wisely decided to move the school yard games into the school house. So We had a Jacobs Ladder and a few other wooden toys.

  After that, Katie and I stood under an umbrella for half an hour with a rope explaining to people why we could not do French and English (Tug-of-war). Why couldn't we? It was raining, and therefor muddy and disgusting. 

   When that was over with, we then went up to the meeting house, and stood with the baseball stuff under the roof explaining why we were not playing baseball.  That was fun though, because Katie randomly started teaching me some German, and we talked in depth about Shakespeare.

 What I love about working there, is that...well almost everyone is a geek. And those that aren't are usually appreciative of YOUR geekyness and will still talk about it with you.

 I think my favorite part of the day though, was taking tea in the parlor of the Parsonage. Also? I got to have a piece of cupcake. *GRIN*  There was quite a collection of people. It was a tad awkward at first, but then we fell into a quiet conversation, so it was nice.  The only thing was, the tea was loose leaf...and I mean really loose leaf. So other than the fact that along with my tea, I ate half a plant of tea leaves, it was lovely.

 We had about half an hour before we started getting ready, so we just walked around the common a few times chatting about Shakespeare! Which was rather fun. Apparently, Katie shares the same favorites as I do, and also thinks Romeo and Juliet is Stupid.  Yayyyy.

The hot air balloons are always really fun, and Katie knows all the history of them, and tells them in such a fun way. A tree ate two of the hot air balloons, but one we were able to set off a few times before it got a tear in it. 

  So yeah. Thats really all that I did...besides be an idiot and stay up late before I went to bed.