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Monday, July 20, 2009

My first day at Discovery camp

Okay, so when we got there we got to pick out our outfits first which NEVER happens. Mine is blue with white.
After that we went to the the store and exchanged cloth for string to make the whisks. We made them out of birch twigs and tied them off with string.
Then we went and had lunch after a horse and buggie ride around the common. After we finished playing graces we left to go back to the home center.
When we were there we did woodwork and made a cheese grate. The wood backing on mine broke twice because the grain was bad and I had to draw and then saw three times but I somehow managed to be done before almost everyone!! I have no idea how though.
I am also working on a tea cozy and I brought that home to sew. I also have to but in stuffing and then quilt so I will have plenty to do. Hopefully I will finish that and get to make another one!!!! I can't wait for tomorrow.
I have a really weird village name though, Vernera Sheperd. Odd, Just like me!! Anyway, I have to go and eat dinner then work on my sewing!!
Thanks for taking time to read my WONDERFUL day!!

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