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Thursday, August 25, 2011

An insight into the lives of my best friends.

(These are my two best friends) (Also this was over Facebook) (Oh gosh...I love my friends.) (Ok Im gonna stop with the parentheses now...)
Darrian: Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids!
Kevin: I still say that's extremely prejudice...
Darrian: :) Heheh
Kevin: All the poor guy wants is some cereal... Ever heard of sharing? Then he might just stop stalking you... Do you know what?
Darrian: What?
Kevin: It's the stores fault too, for not selling cereal to rabbits. I think it's a conspiracy against rabbits. Ruttin' Prejudice I tell ya'...
Darrian: Could you imagine going shopping and running into rabbits with their own little karts filled with Tricks.
Kevin: Yes, yes I can. Because I have a dream! A dream where bunnies and Humans can live in harmony! Is that too much to ask? I think not!
Darrian: It would be very distracting...
Kevin: I think they should change the slogan to "Silly rabbit trix are for kids not rabbits because we are prejudiced against all you poor bunny rabbits so you get nothing" Doesn't it just roll right off the tongue?

Me: I dont know how easy that would be to put in a commercial. Can you imagine that being said at the end all fast talk-ish like the warnings for medication?
Kevin: I could do it for them... I speak too fast...
Me: You speak to fast? Hahaha I thought it was me who everyone was always telling to slow down and breath and not speak at light speed.
Kevin: That rhymed... hehe
Me: > . <