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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jenna-isms and other random things

(Before I start this out, for those of you who dont know, Jenna is my little sister)

Jenna: I dont pause for emotional impact............

Mom: Can I have the computer?
Jenna: You know I just fell 5,000 feet because of that?
Mom: I did not make you fall 5,000 feet. Give me the computer.

Jenna: Dad please help me...I cant get my sleeve off
Dad:Why do you need it off?
Jenna: There is a Popsicle down my sleeve! *Points at Me* ...I am wearing your sweatshirt.......Hehehe

Me: Eep!! eep! ....EEP!!!!!! 
Kea: Stop eeping & tell me what the eep is going on! 

Jenna: Percy is taking his before dinner nap. Which will be followed by his after dinner nap. And shortly after that, his nap. Nap..napity nap nap nap bap nap nap. He takes a lot of naps...

Memere: Just making sure you are still alive in there. *walks away* I am eating ice cream....
Me: Is that your way of getting me to come?
Me: It worked.

Me: Its just humiliation...
Jenna: I would rather have only hurts for a second. 

Me: Jenna do you want me to dye your hair again before I leave?
Jenna: Where are you going?
Me: Memere and Grandpa's for two weeks again. Internship remember? 
Jenna:Two weeks? Oh...I will miss you...despite the fact that I wont admit it to anyone else.

Aimee: Jenna knows I love Ron...He is actually 23! He is my age. 
Mom: Plus he has an ice cream truck. Its a win win!

Jenna: What happens at the Borden's house....goes on Facebook.

There is a bazillion more quotes. In fact, our whole lives have too many quotes to count. If you are friends with me on facebook, half my status are like this. Have a great day!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday! Only 3 days left for the summer...

As you probably figured out from the title, I only have 3 days left the whole summer. Today was one of them. That is kind of sad. 

I had a really awkward moment this morning. I was walking in, and talking to the person I was walking in with about the schoolhouse, and he said something about the homeschoolers always being the ones who cant spell or read, even the older ones, and that the parents thought they were prefect, and pretty much said that all homeschoolers were stupid. He kind of said it to me as if it was wicked funny. Me, being home-schooled, did find that funny, but for a different reason. I found it funny, because he was talking to a homeschooler, and telling a homeschooler how stupid we are....It was hard not to burst out laughing and be all "Dude I am home-schooled.." but I didn't. I just nodded my head and changed the conversation. I mean, homeschoolers make fun of ourselves far more than anyone else does, but it was a tad insulting. And yet, somehow I find it hilarious. Anyway, enough on that.

  Today, I was in the Freeman Farm. What is sad about that is, in the morning, we were preparing a dinner, and I did not actually get to eat it or clean up after it. (Yes not being able to clean up is sad. I enjoy doing the dishes there....I know, weird right?) Every Sunday in the summer we interpret a dinner. Which basically means, the girls in the kitchen all day, and the guys on the farm, and really anywhere near it, come at 12:30 and eat. As they eat, they talk about how things were done, and why they ate with knifes and such. Sometimes someone else sits there talking so the other people can eat too. So! The food that was made. There was a currant pie (the one that I helped make yesterday) and we boiled some ham, and potatoes and beets and bread pudding. Its wicked, because the beets turn everything pink!! Also, a soft cheese was made, and sage was put into it. I was told it was wicked good. Around 11:30, I headed out to dinner.

 When dinner was over, I did the school lesson for the first time. I was terrified. It was not as scary as I thought it would be though.  I got there just as the college intern who was doing it was leaving for her dinner. She had already explained a lot to the group there, because they came early. It was kind of awkward, because I said "Ok how much did she tell you already?" and they just kind of stared at me..... So I did a quick recount (which made them look bored) and so I said "Ok! Who wants to try doing a lesson?" and no one wanted to. Then I said as I laughed "No? Well does anyone have any questions?" and they all just kinda sat there staring at me, and finally some questions were asked. Then after like 5 minutes they left. Happily, another group came in, and I was able to be less awkward, and know that they had not heard any of it yet.  At 1, the Schoolyard games get done. That is just me outside helping them do stilts and jump rope. I tried stilts today, and I did it!! I was so proud of myself. 

 Right after the school lesson, me, and the other games person were to do "French and English on the common" which, for those of you who don't know the 1830's term, is tug-of-war.  I love doing that, because although you start off just watching, if there is a side doing very badly, you just jump on that side and try to help. Throughout the time we were doing that, random farmers would jump in for a minute.  When a little boy fell, and when the kids were getting a little to rowdy, and pulled it after we said please stop pulling, we decided it was time to be done. Of course, then we moved on to baseball.....

Baseball is kind of the same as what we have now. You ran the other way, the score was not kept so carefully, there were no strikes, but there were outs, and you could not toss the ball at someone to get them out. Other than that, it was pretty much the same. That was wicked fun, although the ball went into the prickers a few times, and I think I may still have a few tiny thorns in my hand from that.

Following the baseball, we had a small break, so we went and made a hot air balloon while we were waiting for it to be time for the next game. The next game was teaching people how to do the hoop and stick game. Which, I am sorry to say I forget the official name of. I taught some random French people how to play...I also did a random race with the girl I was working with. She won...both times. 

The hot air balloons was fun. We used only 2 balloons the whole time and sent it up about 10 times. I had to chase it around.....

I am going home tomorrow!! And I will be visiting my friends Lydia and Caleb, Wednesday. I am coming back to OSV Thursday, and then going home Sunday until October. This will be the last OSV related post until Friday. Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Freeman, Dye, and Music

Right now, I am listening to "Tonight, Tonight" over and over again, though I might switch to some Skillet or Flyleaf soon. Anyway, you probably would prefer to hear about my day at the village, and not my music choices of the moment.

  Freeman Farm Kitchen was where I was this morning. There were 4 people in the kitchen, so it was a ta crowed, and it was a bit hard for us all to find something to do. The other Jr. intern and I watched the pigs, and fed them and the chickens scraps. We made a lovely current pie. Also, I tried the grape shrub that was in a jug, and that was pretty good. I might have to make some of that.   They were twisting the wool into the right sizes today, and they usually just toss the pieces that are too short into the fire, but I rescued them, so now I have a ton of scraps of wool that I helped dye!!

I probably should mention that it was Fire and Ice day. Which means there was 1830's iced cream, to be had, and the local restaurants had a chilli competition. There were also a ton of old firetrucks that came in, and several competitions involving water in one form or another. 

I was able to take dinner with 2 other Jr. Interns, so that was fun. Those girls are a riot. I have been able to meet some wicked cool people doing this. I had my favorite schedule today!! Freeman Kitchen in the morning, and dye in the afternoon.  We were dying with cochineal beetles today. They make a wicked cool pink. 

Wow, sorry about this. My posts are usually long...and interesting. I just seem to be having trouble putting all the words in my head down today. That is usually not a problem at all! Sorry guys! Hope you enjoyed it anyway!! Have a great night. (Or day, depending on what time it is when you read this......)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fishing, dye, and a visit from Mom and Elsebeth

Warning you now, this post will probably be shorter than usual. I am wicked tired.

Monday, I made my first attempt at Strawberry Shrub. A syrup sort of thing that you mix into your water. It came out quite well, but I am going to try it again when I get home, and work on the instructions. I will make a post about it when I get around to that. (Dont worry, it wont be long!!)

 Also, I almost died from a pickle. Not joking. In '09, I had made pickles in discovery camp. Then, the other day, I found them in Memere and Grandpa's fridge. What I had forgotten, was that, pickles made in the 1830's manner, were infused with a load of vinegar, and needed to be freshened before eating. And what did stupid old me do? I ate one. Now, as if it was not bad enough that I ate one, poor Memere also ate one too. Well, we were coughing for about an hour, and Memere lost her voice for a while! (Soooo sorry about that Memere) Ugh horrid. Oh right, you probably want to hear about the village, and not, my stupid mistakes...those are a fairly common thing.

 First off, I woke up at 5:44. I have been waking up at that exact time for 5 days now. Its getting a tad annoying.  Memere was also working today, it being a Tuesday. Thinking I was in gardens in the morning, I was not exactly bouncing out the door. I mean, I enjoy gardens, but it was wicked hot out. Upon arrival, I headed to the check-in desk, and was informed that I was in games for the morning. I was also informed by a fellow worker, that I had made a mistake and gotten myself into a poke war and that it was on.(Stupid Facebook poke feature. Every time I log on, even if it is 5 minutes later I have a poke from him!!) Following that, I showed him my shrub, and got some advice on how to make it a bit better. (Sam, if you for some reason are reading this, thank you! I will remember to boil it for a long time this time....)   Fishing was...interesting. There were a ton of people who did not know how to fish, and however many times I said "Dont jerk it to hard" they would jerk it to hard, and the hook would go flying, and get caught in my bonnet, my hand, or some random persons face. That went well.... About ten minutes before the fishing was to end, around 15 people came down, so we ended a tad late, but that really did not matter. Mom, and Elsebeth (My Mom's long time friend from Denmark) came and visited the village for the day, and Elsebeth tried her hand at fishing. Mom did not because "she had her camera". That seems to be her favorite excuse. (especially when it comes to roller coasters...oops, off track. [haha..roller track..haha..sorry, tired. Back to the story})

  Lunch break was amazingly fun. I had a great time chatting with all the awesome people who were up there that day. Then again I always do. After lunch, it was off to the dye station.

  We were dying with Sage, which is one of my favorites. Not only does it make a lovely green, but it smells amazing.  Mom, being amazing as she is, brought me and the two college interns working at dye lemonade and cookies. (Thanks Momma!!)   One fun part about the dye station, is picking dye lot names. Now, when you have 3 geeky Harry Potter fans dyeing you get names like "Forbidden forest" and names that involve slytherin or some of the more revolting Weasleys Wizard Wheezes.

So yea, this post was shorter than normal, but I am tired and literally trying not to fall asleep and hit my face on the keyboard. I think this may be one of those nights I fall asleep and forget dinner......

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weeds and Butter

Today was started off interesting. I woke up to a bad dream that I had missed my alarm, which, was fortunately, not true. It was about a half hour before my alarm went off. After that lovely horrific scare, I got dressed, made lunch, ate breakfast, and then my Grandpa drove me to the village. (Memere was at Church.)

  Everything seemed to go quite quickly, and I was able to chat with people in the staff lounge for about half an hour which was nice. Another Junior Intern and I chatted about knitting and sewing. Sadly, we could not talk about that all morning. She was going to do games, and I was off to the Freeman Farm Garden. I dont think I will talk much about that. I mean, do you really want to hear my ramblings about weeding carrots and squishing bugs? Oh..You do? Well too bad, there is not much to say anyway. Pretty much, I was just picking weeds out from around the carrots, squashing the occasional bug, and singing to myself. Also, daydreaming/imagining is quite easy there. I had this whole story in my head about the day and what I had been doing, and why I was angry at this person I made up, and this and that. It was actually pretty fun...Until I realized I was kind of talking out loud (granted, quietly, more like moving my lips and no one was around..) when I was having a pretend conversation....Yea it stopped there. 

  The sun was giving me a headache, so I went into lunch a tad early to get out of the sun. I had a lovely chat with some people during lunch. Talking about books, and old kids shows, and knitting, and injuries. ( I know odd mix of things right?) Everyone working at the village is so nice. When my lunch/break/whatever the heck it was ended, I meandered back to Freeman Farm. I was working in the house in the afternoon. What did I have to look forward too? Dishes. Yay!! Haha no I am not joking. I like doing the dishes.

  In the summer on Sundays, we do a Dinner and show people what it would have been like. Although, the visitors kept coming to me and saying things like "You must feel like Cinderella!!" or "How mean of them to make you do this!!" I just kept saying that I had offered to do it. They seemed shocked.... I love the kids "Oh I could never do all this work" referring to the dishes....Haha thats not much work at all.

  The dishes are done in a wooden..for lack of a better word/correct word..bucket that I put the dishes in, and then used hot water. The soap that is used, is made with lye, and lard. I know that totally sounds clean right? It actually does a pretty good job. After all the dishes were done (which took a while) I got to make butter!! It tasted so good.

However, butter, is not usually made in this heat. Why? It will melt as you are making it...Does not go quite well.  It did come out well though for which I am thankful.  Around 10 minutes to 5, Memere came, and I was sent off on one last errand for the day, so Memere walked with me. When I got to the Bullard Tavern, I ran upstairs to log my hours, and completed the errand (switching the laundry over) then tripped my way back down the stairs. (Can you use tripped like that? I dont know...well, you can now!!)  Memere was talking to some friends of hers, so we walked out together, and that is the end of my day. The interesting part that you care to read about. If you care anything about my life at home, or whatever random stuff I do when not at the village, feel free to read on.

  When I got home, I tried once again to get my internet connection on my Laptop to work, and failed. Then again...I am not the most computer savvy person ever...My mother will attest to that quite readily.  Then I called a few of my friends. Well, I called one of my friends, and ended up talking to her brother for a while because she had to do something. She went to the beach for a while so I talked to him while he was making/burning dinner. (Kidding!!! I know you didn't burn it....Your sister said it was good.)  <--In case you are wondering what that is, there is a slight chance he will read my blog, so I have to make sure he wont get mad...

Soo yea, there is my exciting home life..I am sure you only read this for the village posts. Those are TOTALLY wicked exciting. I know it is for me anyway. I mostly write these for my Mom and the rest of my Family anyway. But, if you are not my family, or my mother (who counts as family.....But I say her seperatly cause she is the one who bugs me about this. {Love you Mom!} )  then I thank you for taking time out of your day to read this!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

OSV and guitar

    Ok, so I kind of failed at blogging all my days at the village. In fact, I only did 2 of about 13 days. Hopefully, I will fix that this time, and be able to keep up.

    Dad and I headed out yesterday around 5 and we were able to blast music, and have the windows down. (Mom hates music blasting, and Jenna hates the windows down)  The 2 hour trip really did not seem that long at all. When we got to Memere's after saying Hello and all that jazz, I had Dad help me learn a song on my guitar. I had not picked up my guitar in about 5 years. I now am quite addicted to playing it. I am working on "Perfect" by P!nk (dont worry, the clean version), "Looser like me" Glee edition, and "Speak Now" by Taylor Swift. I have got to keep myself from adding more songs until I get those 3 perfected. Now, if you have not played guitar in 5 years, and then proceed to practice for 3 hours, your fingers get a tad tender....

   Woke up this morning, at 6. Mind you, that is an hour earlier than I have to be up. At this early in the morning, I become quite aware of my twisted wrist, twisted ankle, and broken toe. After trying to fall back asleep (And quite failing I might add) I turned off my alarm, and hobbled out of bed, and out of my room into the living room. Memere was already awake, so we watched the news for a while.

   When it was about 7, I started getting ready. We dont have to leave till 8 so I had a whole hour. Believe it or not, usually fussy me, can get ready in an hour. (Wanna know how? Haha, Cause I am really not that fussy. ) Anywho, got dressed, woke up my Dad, and got in the car.
   Now, let me just add here, that my Dad is a heavy sleeper, like, the dog could get on the bed next to him and lick his face and it might take him a second to wake up, so getting him up, I thought, would be a task in and of itself. Turns out all I needed to do was go "Hey, Daddy?" In an adorableish voice, and it got him up. (Good note for the future, kiddos!! Unless  of course you enjoy jumping on your father...In that case go for it.)
  Wow...sorry off track a bit there...

When I got to the village, I went to check in (which is in the staff area at Ballard Tavern). Today, I was in games, and in the late afternoon, the dye station. 

   So for games, in the morning, we do fishing. Yea, I know what you are thinking. Fishing, wicked fun right? Well, it is fun, but its pretty darn different. The pole is a long wooden stick, and the line, is just a long piece of cotton/yarn/wool/string thing with a cork bobber and hook on the end. The bait, is bread. And you are probably still thinking oh how nice and relaxing that is. Well it is nice, and it is fun, but relaxing might not be the word you want to use. Try adding 20 kids who are trying to catch turtles and getting the hook caught in your dress and skin into the equation. But no, its not that bad. (I mean I was getting hooks caught in me all the time.....but..yea..) There was a staff member there too. But, I loved the kid's enthusiasm. They were all so energetic and willing to learn. And I was able to teach them. I like being able to do that. So yes, the fishing was fun. Even if we had some close calls with kids almost catching baby snapping turtles....

When my games shift was over, I headed up to lunch. After lunch, I skipped over to the dye station.

We were dying with Brazil Wood. Which is..dun dun daaa a wood, from Brazil!!  Today, we were top-dying. Which is what is done when the color is not deep enough, bright enough, or you want to do a mix of colors. It came out as this absolutely gorgeous deep red. I cant even describe it well enough!!

So, the day came to an end, far to quickly, and I headed home. (Well Memere picked me up and she drove me to her home...But I liked the sound of "And I headed home" better...)

Remember how earlier I said that my fingers were sore from guitar? Well they still were. What did I do, but go play guitar for another 3-4 hours. Yea...My fingers really hurt right now. 

Tomorrow, I am in Freeman Garden, and then Freeman kitchen. Wish me luck!! Thanks for reading!