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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random post that is random

Very Random, but today, Mom and I went to Stop&Shop, and there we
discovered this thing called MiO liquid water enhancer.
Its so, very odd.
I got the Sweet tea MiO. Its just this little bottle of..I don't even
know, and honestly I don't know if I want to know what is in it. Anyway,
it has around 24 servings. And by servings it means squirts. I put a
squirt of it in my water bottle and its yummy.
However, if you put to much, or to little, it tastes different.
So right now, I have a little less than usual in it, and it tastes like
water with a touch of tea in it.
Don't get me wrong, its really good, but just different.
Then, if you put say 2 squirts (or an extra big squirt because you are
not paying attention) it tastes wicked sweet and a lot more tea-ish.
One thing, if you do not like the taste of sugar, I do not suggest this
really, because it really tastes sugary.

I like it because it is refreshing, and even if it was not in the fridge
it has a slight "cool taste" to it. Anyway, yes random post, but I have
not posted in a while, and felt like posting.

(this is my first post by email, and I hope it works okay..If you were
not able to read this, or it did not show up, please comment and tell me
(Yes, I do know that if this did not show up you can
not comment...)