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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I had a great Christmas. I got a Nintendo DS lite. I also got a gift card for gamestop that allowed me to get 3 more games. And I got a teddy bear that had a lavender pack in it. I also got this kit that lets you make lip balm. Jenna got this really cool card game called Scrabble word slam. It is so much fun. I got a monopoly card game which I have not tried yet. I got several other gift cards. One being for Blockbuster which I am really exited about because I can get more DS games. I got other things but I don't feel like writing them.

For New Years Eve, (today!! how did that happen!!!) I am doing what my family always does. Watch all three lord of the rings and usually order Chinese food. Last year we ( we meaning every one but mom) stopped halfway through Return of the King and played Uno ( really fun card game) until one in the morning. I wish you could come over and watch it with us but I am sick and I do not want to contaminate your household. Elaine's kitten Fiona is wreaking havoc. She almost pulled down the bird cage, tried to jump into the fish tank and walked across my key board all in five minutes. She is a little terror!! Well I am off to check My Cafe. that stupid facebook game is addicting!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On Snow and Singing

Well. That is a LOT of snow! By the time it was done snowing it was a little over my knee!! The cantata was moved to Tuesday because of all the snow and I was very disappointed. What I have just realized is that my friends Anna (singer) and Addison (guitarist) will not be there. At least I do not think so. They were going to leave right after the Cantata to visit family. Also Anna has a Solo in Silent Night. So I do not know if someone else is doing it or if all of us are singing it. The Cantata is at 6:30 tonight. I just hope the church parking lot was plowed. I had a lot of fun playing in the snow with Jenna though. We kept racing to the top of our small (small) hill and Jenna kept winning because I kept falling. ( which would have have absolutely nothing to do with my really to tight snow pants!!! Well it might also be my gravity issues. Probably.) We made a sled track. Also, we had fainting contests. Mom was judge. Although that doesn't really do any good because she said "you were both wonderful". I think she is missing the point of the whole "contest" part. I have a doctors appointment today and then the Cantata. WELL!! Busy busy busy!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

story of my life.

Okay so I went upstairs to "clean" my room and I put my point of grace CD in. Well it just so happens that I always "forget" to "clean" my room when I listen to music. So anyway I am sitting on my bed singing along and getting mad at my hair for refusing to go into a hair clip. As I listen to their song Worthless I get a great idea. I should do that song for special music some Sunday for church!! ( Now I really don't know why this though came into my head. I hate singing in front of people and despite what people say I think my voice stinks.) Then I listen more closly and hear two different people singing at different times and I think to myself " Oh I could do this with Jenna!!!" ( Now this I also have no idea why I thought. Jenna hates singing in front of people way more than me) So I went down stairs and got Jenna. It turns out she loves this song. So we get all ecstatic and I go down stairs to print the lyrics. After about ten minutes of waiting patiently (okay not so patiently.) for Mom to get off the computer I sit down and type in "lyrics to worthess by point of grace". It comes up and I click on the first link. Half the word are missing and I really want the different parts and echos. So I click on the next link. same thing. After about eight minutes of rephrasing and clicking I found one i could live with. I go to copy and past it onto Microsoft word. It won't let me. So I click "file" "print" and then it prints four pages NONE OF WHICH ARE THE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad. well that is the story of my life for today. woe is me and all that.