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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


WOW!! It is really warm out today. However I decided to garden after all. I had been waiting for a day that was not crappy so I went for it. I planted the Dusty Miller on the dunes amidst the reeds.
I planted my Heath in the front garden. ( heath is a variaton of heather that starts blooming very early spring) Then I stood up to admire my work and saw all the dandelions. Something in me just went, " AHHH, GET THEM OUT OUT I SAY!", which sounded an awful lot like Nana's voice. So I got my weeder and got them O-U-T OUT! Now it is nice and weed free. For now. Either Friday or Saturday I will tackle the side garden. I would Thursday but I have a job then we are going to the park with a bunch of other home-schoolers. I fully intend to get the side garden back the way it once was. Beautiful and weed free. So farewell for now. My thoughts have been shared and I am now going to either play a very mind numbing game or Age of Mythology. Ta Ta!!