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Friday, July 24, 2009

Last day of Discovory camp

We started out the day finishing our spoons. Mine had the roundest top, Bridget had the smoothest bowl and Seneca had the best handle. We were all better at something than someone else so we handed our spoons to each other to do. After we had finished making our spoons we went over and learned about remedies.
Did you know that you can make a toothpaste out of charcoal and honey? It really works too. And all you can taste is the honey. After we finished that we got dressed together for the last time. We were all so sad. However we did manage to make a circle with all seven people so we did all the ties at once! We tried to do that all week and we finally managed to do that.
Juliana and I think, Seneca wanted shawls so we all were being silly and going outside and acting like we were frozen and Seneca was saying, " Oh if I get to cold and I go into a coma and die it will be all your fault." Finally they got the shawls and later they were too hot! After the acting was over we left to the potters.
We said "Good Day" to every single person we saw on the way. I don't know why. When we got to the potters we watched him make a jug. Then we went out to play at turning the clay. Chloe was playing in the junk clay pile and said that if she were in her normal clothes then she would have been rolling in it! Her hands were covered in clay and she stopped at every puddle until she was clean.
Then we went for a stagecoach ride around the common. Then we went into the tavern and had lunch. Or dinner in 1830's point of view.
When we finished that, we went into the town house garden and sketched and water colored stuff. I did the town house, Bridget tried to do the town house but failed so she did a very nice gazebo. Chloe's Day Lily was the best by far, I swear that girl is good at everything. Everyone else did flowers too. We were not quite finished but we had to go back into the tavern to learn dances. It was really fun.
We learned three dances. Then we had snacks. I love jumbles and I grabbed two of them. They are kind of small. After that we went back to town house and finished our drawings/paintings. I did not paint mine. When I was almost done a saw Mom and Dad coming and I dropped my stuff got up really fast and ran over to them. Boy had I missed them!! I wish they had brought the dog though.
My picture of the town house is quite nice although not really good. When we were all done we went back to museum E.D and changed put a stain stick on all the stains and exchanged addresses, emails ,phone numbers and facebook accounts. Mom sad she might let me have a facebook to keep in touch with my friends!
Well , my fingers are getting tired too. I will leave now. I had so much fun. Now I think I will go laugh at my dad trying to play wii fishing!

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  1. Hello Rowan dear.
    Your blog has been full of wonderful things that you've been doing - a very special time. Bet you'll be glad to go home with Mom and Dad and that you're looking forward to the N.Y. mission trip and the 2 weeks on Washburn Island. Lucky you to have that wondrous place so close to your home on Cape Cod.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Love from Tampa, FL
    Aunt Ruth


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