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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That darn cat!!

Okay the kitten is smarter than I give him credit for. I went into the kitchen to get my pills and took a sip of water out of my favorite water bottle that I got at Walmart. I put it down and walked down stairs to get something and when I came back My water bottle was leaking and and the kitten was drinking from the puddle. I am sure that he figured out what it held and wanted some fresh non-dog-slobbery water. There are two claw marks in the edge. I have caught him drinking out of it when I left the top off but I never would have thought that he would EVER do that. Ah well. Next time we are at Walmart I will just have to get a new one and keep it where Percy can't reach it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Glass Museum

I went to the Glass Museum today with my Family some other homeschoolers. We picked up Miya on the way because her mom could not come. I can not tell you how much I wish there was a place close to home so I could be a glass blowing apprentice. It is so amazing. There were all these displays of all different types of glass things. There was this one display where when you opened the drawers then a slate would fall to "hide" the recipe for ruby glass. Then a guy would start talking about his place and different types of glass. There were several like that. There was also a short film of glass making history. In the gift shop there were things like plates, cups, marbles, fish, jewelry, paper weights, and so much more. The lady that was doing the demonstration made two different vases and she pressed a sun catcher. The second presentation I sat down again wanting to see her make them again. I sat down in a bench that was so close to the kiln that I was sweating a bit. This time she made a vase but she used and effect called ( I think) Crackling. She took it right out of the furnace and dipped it quickly into a bucket of water. It made the glass look full of cracks. It was really awesome. Now I am sitting in a chair with a bad headache (again) listening to Jenna and Miya trying to make pumpkin bread. I have to go put the glass plates away before they all break. Things are falling everywhere. So long!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tired but Happy

Well, I am tired but happy. I had a wonderful time doing the read-a-thon. Then I had a sleepover with a good friend. We got up fairly early to go to church. We almost had to stay for the second service because by Dad is on the worship team. Fortunately he said he would catch a ride. So now I can relax and finish the book I left of on. Or maybe play computer for a while. I do enjoy Poptropica even though I am almost 14. ( One month and 15 days!!!ish) After I play that for a while I think I will disappear into my room for a while. Wait, no. I have to clean up the living room so Mom stops flipping out. Don't blame her. Looks like crap. Not just my fault though. I will try to continue to blog fairly often from now on.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

When all is said and done.

So as this day comes to a close (for me at least) I would like to thank you all again for making this fun and for visiting my blog. Here is a pic of me having a splendid time this afternoon. (Well until the worms bugged  me.)    Feel free to keep visiting and commenting even when this is all said and done.  As my welcome says "the door is always open".  This is Rowan, signing off for the last time today.  Farewell and goodbye to my fellow read-a-thon friends.  Haste ye back.


My friend is over because she needed my dad to help her build a catapult.  So she is sleeping over and we are going to church together tomorrow.  I am not quitting.  I had to go to bed at 10 anyway.  *Sigh* double *sigh*   Darn that mother.  (just kidding mommy *nervous laugh*)


1.I am reading Ella Enchanted.
2.I  have read two books so far.
3.I am looking forward to reading The Two Princesses of Bamarre.
4. I have the day all two myself.  I did not have to cancel anything.
5. I have had many interruptions.  Most of which I just have to take the Cat off the bird cage.  Others  I have to go chase my sister around the house to make her stop.  She just wants and excuse to play with me.
6.  The most surprising thing about the read-a-thon is that I am having trouble sitting down and reading with all the stuff and comments and things.
7. I have no suggestions to improve.  It is awesome the way it is.
8. What I would do differently, as a Reader is go up into my room with the Laptop and shut the door.
9. I am not tired yet.  I am never too tired to read.
10.  The only suggestion I have for the readers is to only go on line every hour maximum. 

Just keep reading

I am a little less then half way through Ella Enchanted.  I am also humming to myself "just keep swimming just keep swimming do do do do do do do"  I am starting to get a headache so I think that I should turn some more lights on.  My little sister Jenna is singing annoying Phineas an Ferb songs.  That "Aglet" song.  As I am getting angry at Hattie for being mean to Ella I am wanting to kill Jenna.  Not for the first time today.  Well here I go again to book land.

On Bugs and books

OH MY !!!!! I am not sure what they are or where the came from but I am wicked freaked out!! I was reading outside and suddenly I see all these teeny tiny little blackish worm things. Now I am cool with bugs. In fact I like them. But when they are ON ME that is NOT COOL!!!! Wicked NOT cool! I squashed them and then jumped up. I am freaking out!!! I really have to go take a shower then put on different clothes!!!! I hate things that interrupt my reading but EWE!! I am going to have the creeps for the rest of the day unless I shower!!!! Have to go shower. GET THEM OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sure have your laugh. You won't be laughing next time that happens to you!! I will be the one laughing then so HA!! and a final EWE!!!)

New book about to be explored

I am about to read Ella Enchanted. I love that book. I have read 390 pages total today. Thank you by the way for taking a minute out of your reading time to see my blog and comment.

Sunny makes it hard to read

Love the sun but the glare off the pages makes it hard to read! My eyes are protestiong but I am headed back outside. I am almost done with The fairy return and then I will read Ella Enchanted. I just have to save my poor Guinea Pigs from that cat first.

Random (still reading)

I FOUND CHOCOLATE!! Not M'n'Ms but good enough!! Now that I have found chocolate I will go get my watch and sit outside. Listening to to birds trilling, and becoming lost in bookland. (see I am trying! I added a "listening to the birds trilling" to my ending!!)

Hour 7 has started

I am sitting here eating popcorn and wishing I had some M'n'Ms or something sweet to go with it. I am reading For Biddle's sake which is one of my favorite short stories. Well agian I am off to book land. I know I keep ending with the same boring thing. I will try to think of something better!

On hour 5

I have read about 219 pages but I would go faster (in fact if I had no distractions I might have 400 or more pages read. I have read InkDeath in 6 hours before.) if the kitten was not trying to eat everything in sight!! Easter candy, bags, the birds, my toes. Literally everything. Finished Princess Sonora and the Long sleep which is a twist of sleeping beauty. And I am reading Cinderellis and the Glass hill now. That is a twist of Cinderella but you probably could have figured that out. I have to go clean my Guinea pig cage before by Mom will let me continue reading. Darn her. Wish I could do it tomorrow!!!! Mom has a bloody nose. I have to go help her then clean the cage................. then READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of hour two.

Well I am reading The Fairy's Return And other Princess tales by Gale Carson Levine. I have Finished the Fairy's Mistake which is a twist of Cinderella and almost finished the Princess Test which is a twist of The Princess and The Pea. Well I have to get back to book land!! 103 pages in an hour and 15 minutes. (15 minutes because I had to get tea and keep the cat busy so he won't eat my Guinea Pigs.)

Well, Signing off!! Back to loose myself in the wonderful world of fantasy!!


Oops! I woke up a bit late. Then I could not find one I the books I wanted. Oh well. I have an excuse not to do anything but read today which is awesome. The only thing I have to do is to make sure that the kitten does not eat my Guinea pigs or the birds for a late breakfast. I have not specific place that I am reading from today probably the couch mostly. Maybe outside if I put on a jacket. Here is three random facts about me. I would rather be either reading, singing, or just sitting outside then any other pastimes. I also love playing Age of Mythology. A really fun strategy game. (Although my 9 year old sister would beat me in a second if I were playing against her.) And random fact three is I have a ton of animals. Two fish tanks. Sometimes three in the summer for a salt water tank. A Dog, two cats, two birds, two Guinea pigs, and we are getting chickens soon. I do not have a huge goal for then read-a-thon. I just hope to read my little heart out and have fun. This is my first read-a-thon but I intend to do it again. Well I am about to settle down with a big cup of tea and a good book. Ta ta for now!!