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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I had a great Christmas. I got a Nintendo DS lite. I also got a gift card for gamestop that allowed me to get 3 more games. And I got a teddy bear that had a lavender pack in it. I also got this kit that lets you make lip balm. Jenna got this really cool card game called Scrabble word slam. It is so much fun. I got a monopoly card game which I have not tried yet. I got several other gift cards. One being for Blockbuster which I am really exited about because I can get more DS games. I got other things but I don't feel like writing them.

For New Years Eve, (today!! how did that happen!!!) I am doing what my family always does. Watch all three lord of the rings and usually order Chinese food. Last year we ( we meaning every one but mom) stopped halfway through Return of the King and played Uno ( really fun card game) until one in the morning. I wish you could come over and watch it with us but I am sick and I do not want to contaminate your household. Elaine's kitten Fiona is wreaking havoc. She almost pulled down the bird cage, tried to jump into the fish tank and walked across my key board all in five minutes. She is a little terror!! Well I am off to check My Cafe. that stupid facebook game is addicting!!

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