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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On Snow and Singing

Well. That is a LOT of snow! By the time it was done snowing it was a little over my knee!! The cantata was moved to Tuesday because of all the snow and I was very disappointed. What I have just realized is that my friends Anna (singer) and Addison (guitarist) will not be there. At least I do not think so. They were going to leave right after the Cantata to visit family. Also Anna has a Solo in Silent Night. So I do not know if someone else is doing it or if all of us are singing it. The Cantata is at 6:30 tonight. I just hope the church parking lot was plowed. I had a lot of fun playing in the snow with Jenna though. We kept racing to the top of our small (small) hill and Jenna kept winning because I kept falling. ( which would have have absolutely nothing to do with my really to tight snow pants!!! Well it might also be my gravity issues. Probably.) We made a sled track. Also, we had fainting contests. Mom was judge. Although that doesn't really do any good because she said "you were both wonderful". I think she is missing the point of the whole "contest" part. I have a doctors appointment today and then the Cantata. WELL!! Busy busy busy!!

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