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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My family is so crazy. In a really good for a blogger kind of way. My mother has been trying to get this pot roast to cook for 3 days. But, when it is not done cooking, she puts it back outside so it won’t go bad. That, however, causes it to freeze and the cooking process to start all over again. Last night, she put the post roast on the lowest setting because she was leaving it overnight. However, because we needed something different for dinner, she took the turkey, which had been thawing in the fridge for 4 days, out of the fridge. That dang turkey still had frost on the top. A few hours later, mom put it in the oven. Here is the conversation that happened when Dad was asked to check the turkey.
Mom: is it done cooking mike?
Dad: is it done defrosting?
Mom: I hope so! I cooked it!
Dad: Did you cook it because you thought it was done defrosting, or because you were tired of waiting?
Mom: ....……..
Dad: I know that was a legitimate question because you did not answer!!

My family is so awesome. And so are my pets. The pets do get a bit annoying sometimes though. This morning, I sat down at my desk, and the kitten, Percy, comes and asks me to pet him like he always does. I do, but then stop petting him to start school and he climbs behind my Laptop. He lies down and acts all cute and when I ignore him, that little kitten pulls my bamboo plant (that I had JUST replaced in new rocks) out of the vase by its leaves. TWICE!! So I threw him over my shoulder (literally. He likes hanging over shoulders) and took him up to Mom to deal with. Now, he will be back down, and sit on my Geometry, and I suppose I wont ignore him this time for the sake of my little desk bamboo (which by the way is not real bamboo.).