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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My third day at Discovery Camp

Today we left to the village right after we got dressed. We went to Fitch and made Jumbles which are really good cookies. I am going to make them when I get home. While we were waiting for them to cook we worked on our sewing. (that is if it is okay with my mother!!!) I still have a headache but not as bad as yesterday. After we went to Fitch we went to the Town House and made..........................BUTTER!!! It tastes so good!!! We had it on Saltines. When the rest of the group was exploring Sonica, (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) Rosie and I were twirling to make our dresses go out like hoop skirts. But when we heard someone coming we stopped. We did not want to make the impression that if you were from the 1800 you were nuts!! When we finished exploring (and twirling) we left to go get the games and bring them to the tables where we ate. Shortly after we finished eating, we went onto the common and had races. I love playing hoops. However I prefer sewing so that is what I did. I am going to finish it tonight so I can start another one! After that we skipped (literally) down to the dock for a boat ride. While waiting for the boat we sewed. It was funny though because whenever the gun for the demonstration went off some of us jumped and or screamed. And it seemed that the bonnets had Dragonfly attractant on them because they kept landing on us!! When we were settled on the boat we ( you will never guess what) we took out our sewing and listened to the tour guide talk about the river we were on. (I don't know how to spell it!) After that we left to do farm chores. Although the Farmers seemed to forget about us so they were kind of late. While we where waiting we pet the pigs and sheep. ( I wanted to sew!) When the farmer finally came he set us to work weeding around the potatoes. Oh and did I mention the picking the potato bugs off the leaves and squishing them under your feet of between you fingers? They left that job to me! When we were done with that we washed our hands and then went onto the Blacksmith shop for a while. While everyone else was taking turns pumping the bellows, I was (guess what this is so new) sewing. Then we went back to museum E.D. ( I have been calling it the home building.) On the way back we played Pooh sticks except with leaves. Mine has not one won 21 century clothing and wrote in our journals while eating lemonade and drinking cookies. (Did I really just say that? Boy am I tired) What I mean to say is eating cookies and drinking lemonade. Then Memere and Grandpa came to pick me up and we stopped and went shopping ( Jenna, Grandpa and I waited in the car) and now I am sitting here finishing up and I am about to go watch Princess Bride, eat watermelon, and sew! We all started our Teapot cosy at the same time but I am really far ahead. Then again I do keep bringing mine home to work on! Well I will talk tomorrow when I record my day. Bye!


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  2. Rowan what a wonderful post. Much better. I still love more description but only because it sounds so fun!
    I love you and miss you!!


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