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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weeds and Butter

Today was started off interesting. I woke up to a bad dream that I had missed my alarm, which, was fortunately, not true. It was about a half hour before my alarm went off. After that lovely horrific scare, I got dressed, made lunch, ate breakfast, and then my Grandpa drove me to the village. (Memere was at Church.)

  Everything seemed to go quite quickly, and I was able to chat with people in the staff lounge for about half an hour which was nice. Another Junior Intern and I chatted about knitting and sewing. Sadly, we could not talk about that all morning. She was going to do games, and I was off to the Freeman Farm Garden. I dont think I will talk much about that. I mean, do you really want to hear my ramblings about weeding carrots and squishing bugs? Oh..You do? Well too bad, there is not much to say anyway. Pretty much, I was just picking weeds out from around the carrots, squashing the occasional bug, and singing to myself. Also, daydreaming/imagining is quite easy there. I had this whole story in my head about the day and what I had been doing, and why I was angry at this person I made up, and this and that. It was actually pretty fun...Until I realized I was kind of talking out loud (granted, quietly, more like moving my lips and no one was around..) when I was having a pretend conversation....Yea it stopped there. 

  The sun was giving me a headache, so I went into lunch a tad early to get out of the sun. I had a lovely chat with some people during lunch. Talking about books, and old kids shows, and knitting, and injuries. ( I know odd mix of things right?) Everyone working at the village is so nice. When my lunch/break/whatever the heck it was ended, I meandered back to Freeman Farm. I was working in the house in the afternoon. What did I have to look forward too? Dishes. Yay!! Haha no I am not joking. I like doing the dishes.

  In the summer on Sundays, we do a Dinner and show people what it would have been like. Although, the visitors kept coming to me and saying things like "You must feel like Cinderella!!" or "How mean of them to make you do this!!" I just kept saying that I had offered to do it. They seemed shocked.... I love the kids "Oh I could never do all this work" referring to the dishes....Haha thats not much work at all.

  The dishes are done in a wooden..for lack of a better word/correct word..bucket that I put the dishes in, and then used hot water. The soap that is used, is made with lye, and lard. I know that totally sounds clean right? It actually does a pretty good job. After all the dishes were done (which took a while) I got to make butter!! It tasted so good.

However, butter, is not usually made in this heat. Why? It will melt as you are making it...Does not go quite well.  It did come out well though for which I am thankful.  Around 10 minutes to 5, Memere came, and I was sent off on one last errand for the day, so Memere walked with me. When I got to the Bullard Tavern, I ran upstairs to log my hours, and completed the errand (switching the laundry over) then tripped my way back down the stairs. (Can you use tripped like that? I dont know...well, you can now!!)  Memere was talking to some friends of hers, so we walked out together, and that is the end of my day. The interesting part that you care to read about. If you care anything about my life at home, or whatever random stuff I do when not at the village, feel free to read on.

  When I got home, I tried once again to get my internet connection on my Laptop to work, and failed. Then again...I am not the most computer savvy person ever...My mother will attest to that quite readily.  Then I called a few of my friends. Well, I called one of my friends, and ended up talking to her brother for a while because she had to do something. She went to the beach for a while so I talked to him while he was making/burning dinner. (Kidding!!! I know you didn't burn it....Your sister said it was good.)  <--In case you are wondering what that is, there is a slight chance he will read my blog, so I have to make sure he wont get mad...

Soo yea, there is my exciting home life..I am sure you only read this for the village posts. Those are TOTALLY wicked exciting. I know it is for me anyway. I mostly write these for my Mom and the rest of my Family anyway. But, if you are not my family, or my mother (who counts as family.....But I say her seperatly cause she is the one who bugs me about this. {Love you Mom!} )  then I thank you for taking time out of your day to read this!!


  1. Sounds fabulous Rowan, thank you for writing, we do all love it and you write so well. See you tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Momma. Cant wait to see you!!

    Glad to see the comments are fixed.

  3. Hello Rowan,
    It all sounds so "Little House on the Prairie" to me. Thanks for taking the time to write about it. Hope the last minute babysitting on the Cape went well. Thanks for coming to the rescue. Do you get to keep the costumes?
    Hugs! Mrs. Chapman

  4. Yea it does sound kind of like that doesn't it?
    No I dont get to keep the costumes.


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