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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday! Only 3 days left for the summer...

As you probably figured out from the title, I only have 3 days left the whole summer. Today was one of them. That is kind of sad. 

I had a really awkward moment this morning. I was walking in, and talking to the person I was walking in with about the schoolhouse, and he said something about the homeschoolers always being the ones who cant spell or read, even the older ones, and that the parents thought they were prefect, and pretty much said that all homeschoolers were stupid. He kind of said it to me as if it was wicked funny. Me, being home-schooled, did find that funny, but for a different reason. I found it funny, because he was talking to a homeschooler, and telling a homeschooler how stupid we are....It was hard not to burst out laughing and be all "Dude I am home-schooled.." but I didn't. I just nodded my head and changed the conversation. I mean, homeschoolers make fun of ourselves far more than anyone else does, but it was a tad insulting. And yet, somehow I find it hilarious. Anyway, enough on that.

  Today, I was in the Freeman Farm. What is sad about that is, in the morning, we were preparing a dinner, and I did not actually get to eat it or clean up after it. (Yes not being able to clean up is sad. I enjoy doing the dishes there....I know, weird right?) Every Sunday in the summer we interpret a dinner. Which basically means, the girls in the kitchen all day, and the guys on the farm, and really anywhere near it, come at 12:30 and eat. As they eat, they talk about how things were done, and why they ate with knifes and such. Sometimes someone else sits there talking so the other people can eat too. So! The food that was made. There was a currant pie (the one that I helped make yesterday) and we boiled some ham, and potatoes and beets and bread pudding. Its wicked, because the beets turn everything pink!! Also, a soft cheese was made, and sage was put into it. I was told it was wicked good. Around 11:30, I headed out to dinner.

 When dinner was over, I did the school lesson for the first time. I was terrified. It was not as scary as I thought it would be though.  I got there just as the college intern who was doing it was leaving for her dinner. She had already explained a lot to the group there, because they came early. It was kind of awkward, because I said "Ok how much did she tell you already?" and they just kind of stared at me..... So I did a quick recount (which made them look bored) and so I said "Ok! Who wants to try doing a lesson?" and no one wanted to. Then I said as I laughed "No? Well does anyone have any questions?" and they all just kinda sat there staring at me, and finally some questions were asked. Then after like 5 minutes they left. Happily, another group came in, and I was able to be less awkward, and know that they had not heard any of it yet.  At 1, the Schoolyard games get done. That is just me outside helping them do stilts and jump rope. I tried stilts today, and I did it!! I was so proud of myself. 

 Right after the school lesson, me, and the other games person were to do "French and English on the common" which, for those of you who don't know the 1830's term, is tug-of-war.  I love doing that, because although you start off just watching, if there is a side doing very badly, you just jump on that side and try to help. Throughout the time we were doing that, random farmers would jump in for a minute.  When a little boy fell, and when the kids were getting a little to rowdy, and pulled it after we said please stop pulling, we decided it was time to be done. Of course, then we moved on to baseball.....

Baseball is kind of the same as what we have now. You ran the other way, the score was not kept so carefully, there were no strikes, but there were outs, and you could not toss the ball at someone to get them out. Other than that, it was pretty much the same. That was wicked fun, although the ball went into the prickers a few times, and I think I may still have a few tiny thorns in my hand from that.

Following the baseball, we had a small break, so we went and made a hot air balloon while we were waiting for it to be time for the next game. The next game was teaching people how to do the hoop and stick game. Which, I am sorry to say I forget the official name of. I taught some random French people how to play...I also did a random race with the girl I was working with. She won...both times. 

The hot air balloons was fun. We used only 2 balloons the whole time and sent it up about 10 times. I had to chase it around.....

I am going home tomorrow!! And I will be visiting my friends Lydia and Caleb, Wednesday. I am coming back to OSV Thursday, and then going home Sunday until October. This will be the last OSV related post until Friday. Thanks for reading!!

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