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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Freeman, Dye, and Music

Right now, I am listening to "Tonight, Tonight" over and over again, though I might switch to some Skillet or Flyleaf soon. Anyway, you probably would prefer to hear about my day at the village, and not my music choices of the moment.

  Freeman Farm Kitchen was where I was this morning. There were 4 people in the kitchen, so it was a ta crowed, and it was a bit hard for us all to find something to do. The other Jr. intern and I watched the pigs, and fed them and the chickens scraps. We made a lovely current pie. Also, I tried the grape shrub that was in a jug, and that was pretty good. I might have to make some of that.   They were twisting the wool into the right sizes today, and they usually just toss the pieces that are too short into the fire, but I rescued them, so now I have a ton of scraps of wool that I helped dye!!

I probably should mention that it was Fire and Ice day. Which means there was 1830's iced cream, to be had, and the local restaurants had a chilli competition. There were also a ton of old firetrucks that came in, and several competitions involving water in one form or another. 

I was able to take dinner with 2 other Jr. Interns, so that was fun. Those girls are a riot. I have been able to meet some wicked cool people doing this. I had my favorite schedule today!! Freeman Kitchen in the morning, and dye in the afternoon.  We were dying with cochineal beetles today. They make a wicked cool pink. 

Wow, sorry about this. My posts are usually long...and interesting. I just seem to be having trouble putting all the words in my head down today. That is usually not a problem at all! Sorry guys! Hope you enjoyed it anyway!! Have a great night. (Or day, depending on what time it is when you read this......)

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