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Saturday, July 9, 2011

OSV and guitar

    Ok, so I kind of failed at blogging all my days at the village. In fact, I only did 2 of about 13 days. Hopefully, I will fix that this time, and be able to keep up.

    Dad and I headed out yesterday around 5 and we were able to blast music, and have the windows down. (Mom hates music blasting, and Jenna hates the windows down)  The 2 hour trip really did not seem that long at all. When we got to Memere's after saying Hello and all that jazz, I had Dad help me learn a song on my guitar. I had not picked up my guitar in about 5 years. I now am quite addicted to playing it. I am working on "Perfect" by P!nk (dont worry, the clean version), "Looser like me" Glee edition, and "Speak Now" by Taylor Swift. I have got to keep myself from adding more songs until I get those 3 perfected. Now, if you have not played guitar in 5 years, and then proceed to practice for 3 hours, your fingers get a tad tender....

   Woke up this morning, at 6. Mind you, that is an hour earlier than I have to be up. At this early in the morning, I become quite aware of my twisted wrist, twisted ankle, and broken toe. After trying to fall back asleep (And quite failing I might add) I turned off my alarm, and hobbled out of bed, and out of my room into the living room. Memere was already awake, so we watched the news for a while.

   When it was about 7, I started getting ready. We dont have to leave till 8 so I had a whole hour. Believe it or not, usually fussy me, can get ready in an hour. (Wanna know how? Haha, Cause I am really not that fussy. ) Anywho, got dressed, woke up my Dad, and got in the car.
   Now, let me just add here, that my Dad is a heavy sleeper, like, the dog could get on the bed next to him and lick his face and it might take him a second to wake up, so getting him up, I thought, would be a task in and of itself. Turns out all I needed to do was go "Hey, Daddy?" In an adorableish voice, and it got him up. (Good note for the future, kiddos!! Unless  of course you enjoy jumping on your father...In that case go for it.)
  Wow...sorry off track a bit there...

When I got to the village, I went to check in (which is in the staff area at Ballard Tavern). Today, I was in games, and in the late afternoon, the dye station. 

   So for games, in the morning, we do fishing. Yea, I know what you are thinking. Fishing, wicked fun right? Well, it is fun, but its pretty darn different. The pole is a long wooden stick, and the line, is just a long piece of cotton/yarn/wool/string thing with a cork bobber and hook on the end. The bait, is bread. And you are probably still thinking oh how nice and relaxing that is. Well it is nice, and it is fun, but relaxing might not be the word you want to use. Try adding 20 kids who are trying to catch turtles and getting the hook caught in your dress and skin into the equation. But no, its not that bad. (I mean I was getting hooks caught in me all the time.....but..yea..) There was a staff member there too. But, I loved the kid's enthusiasm. They were all so energetic and willing to learn. And I was able to teach them. I like being able to do that. So yes, the fishing was fun. Even if we had some close calls with kids almost catching baby snapping turtles....

When my games shift was over, I headed up to lunch. After lunch, I skipped over to the dye station.

We were dying with Brazil Wood. Which is..dun dun daaa a wood, from Brazil!!  Today, we were top-dying. Which is what is done when the color is not deep enough, bright enough, or you want to do a mix of colors. It came out as this absolutely gorgeous deep red. I cant even describe it well enough!!

So, the day came to an end, far to quickly, and I headed home. (Well Memere picked me up and she drove me to her home...But I liked the sound of "And I headed home" better...)

Remember how earlier I said that my fingers were sore from guitar? Well they still were. What did I do, but go play guitar for another 3-4 hours. Yea...My fingers really hurt right now. 

Tomorrow, I am in Freeman Garden, and then Freeman kitchen. Wish me luck!! Thanks for reading!

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