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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fishing, dye, and a visit from Mom and Elsebeth

Warning you now, this post will probably be shorter than usual. I am wicked tired.

Monday, I made my first attempt at Strawberry Shrub. A syrup sort of thing that you mix into your water. It came out quite well, but I am going to try it again when I get home, and work on the instructions. I will make a post about it when I get around to that. (Dont worry, it wont be long!!)

 Also, I almost died from a pickle. Not joking. In '09, I had made pickles in discovery camp. Then, the other day, I found them in Memere and Grandpa's fridge. What I had forgotten, was that, pickles made in the 1830's manner, were infused with a load of vinegar, and needed to be freshened before eating. And what did stupid old me do? I ate one. Now, as if it was not bad enough that I ate one, poor Memere also ate one too. Well, we were coughing for about an hour, and Memere lost her voice for a while! (Soooo sorry about that Memere) Ugh horrid. Oh right, you probably want to hear about the village, and not, my stupid mistakes...those are a fairly common thing.

 First off, I woke up at 5:44. I have been waking up at that exact time for 5 days now. Its getting a tad annoying.  Memere was also working today, it being a Tuesday. Thinking I was in gardens in the morning, I was not exactly bouncing out the door. I mean, I enjoy gardens, but it was wicked hot out. Upon arrival, I headed to the check-in desk, and was informed that I was in games for the morning. I was also informed by a fellow worker, that I had made a mistake and gotten myself into a poke war and that it was on.(Stupid Facebook poke feature. Every time I log on, even if it is 5 minutes later I have a poke from him!!) Following that, I showed him my shrub, and got some advice on how to make it a bit better. (Sam, if you for some reason are reading this, thank you! I will remember to boil it for a long time this time....)   Fishing was...interesting. There were a ton of people who did not know how to fish, and however many times I said "Dont jerk it to hard" they would jerk it to hard, and the hook would go flying, and get caught in my bonnet, my hand, or some random persons face. That went well.... About ten minutes before the fishing was to end, around 15 people came down, so we ended a tad late, but that really did not matter. Mom, and Elsebeth (My Mom's long time friend from Denmark) came and visited the village for the day, and Elsebeth tried her hand at fishing. Mom did not because "she had her camera". That seems to be her favorite excuse. (especially when it comes to roller coasters...oops, off track. [haha..roller track..haha..sorry, tired. Back to the story})

  Lunch break was amazingly fun. I had a great time chatting with all the awesome people who were up there that day. Then again I always do. After lunch, it was off to the dye station.

  We were dying with Sage, which is one of my favorites. Not only does it make a lovely green, but it smells amazing.  Mom, being amazing as she is, brought me and the two college interns working at dye lemonade and cookies. (Thanks Momma!!)   One fun part about the dye station, is picking dye lot names. Now, when you have 3 geeky Harry Potter fans dyeing you get names like "Forbidden forest" and names that involve slytherin or some of the more revolting Weasleys Wizard Wheezes.

So yea, this post was shorter than normal, but I am tired and literally trying not to fall asleep and hit my face on the keyboard. I think this may be one of those nights I fall asleep and forget dinner......


  1. Ah! Those pickles do not sound good!

    Miss you, Rowan, and can't wait to see you when you get back!

    Love reading about your days at the village. : )

    ~ Lyddie

  2. It was wonderful to see you. Hope you liked the photos I sent you. Love you, love your blog too, it looks great. I resized your header for you. xo


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