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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tired but Happy

Well, I am tired but happy. I had a wonderful time doing the read-a-thon. Then I had a sleepover with a good friend. We got up fairly early to go to church. We almost had to stay for the second service because by Dad is on the worship team. Fortunately he said he would catch a ride. So now I can relax and finish the book I left of on. Or maybe play computer for a while. I do enjoy Poptropica even though I am almost 14. ( One month and 15 days!!!ish) After I play that for a while I think I will disappear into my room for a while. Wait, no. I have to clean up the living room so Mom stops flipping out. Don't blame her. Looks like crap. Not just my fault though. I will try to continue to blog fairly often from now on.

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