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Saturday, April 10, 2010

On Bugs and books

OH MY !!!!! I am not sure what they are or where the came from but I am wicked freaked out!! I was reading outside and suddenly I see all these teeny tiny little blackish worm things. Now I am cool with bugs. In fact I like them. But when they are ON ME that is NOT COOL!!!! Wicked NOT cool! I squashed them and then jumped up. I am freaking out!!! I really have to go take a shower then put on different clothes!!!! I hate things that interrupt my reading but EWE!! I am going to have the creeps for the rest of the day unless I shower!!!! Have to go shower. GET THEM OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sure have your laugh. You won't be laughing next time that happens to you!! I will be the one laughing then so HA!! and a final EWE!!!)

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  1. ewww! LOL ewww! nope, don't want those thingees on me ;-D


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