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Monday, April 26, 2010

Glass Museum

I went to the Glass Museum today with my Family some other homeschoolers. We picked up Miya on the way because her mom could not come. I can not tell you how much I wish there was a place close to home so I could be a glass blowing apprentice. It is so amazing. There were all these displays of all different types of glass things. There was this one display where when you opened the drawers then a slate would fall to "hide" the recipe for ruby glass. Then a guy would start talking about his place and different types of glass. There were several like that. There was also a short film of glass making history. In the gift shop there were things like plates, cups, marbles, fish, jewelry, paper weights, and so much more. The lady that was doing the demonstration made two different vases and she pressed a sun catcher. The second presentation I sat down again wanting to see her make them again. I sat down in a bench that was so close to the kiln that I was sweating a bit. This time she made a vase but she used and effect called ( I think) Crackling. She took it right out of the furnace and dipped it quickly into a bucket of water. It made the glass look full of cracks. It was really awesome. Now I am sitting in a chair with a bad headache (again) listening to Jenna and Miya trying to make pumpkin bread. I have to go put the glass plates away before they all break. Things are falling everywhere. So long!

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