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Saturday, June 11, 2011

OSV Traning day two

The internet is still down, and I figured it would be. It might not be on for a while. Forgive me if this is not the best or longest post, because I am wicked tired. Even though it is only about 7:40, I am just about ready to head to bed. So, this morning, Memere and Matante went to church, so Mom and Dad and Jenna (and consequently the kitten, Percy) dropped me off this morning. They all said goodbye to me, because they went home and are not going to come back until my internship is over. Although, I think Mom and Nana are coming up to visit me…

Anywho, I walked into the village with another girl who had just arrived. Check-in was done at Bullard Tavern, in the staff area. When that was all squared away, we were all waiting for Kim in the lounge type room and chatting and being odd. When Kim finished with what she was doing, we did a tour of the village, and learned what it would be like growing up there in the community, and how work would be with Kim. After that, we headed down to the Museum Education building and learned how to prepare a 19th century noon time meal.

At my station, with two others, we made Pounded cheese, and churned butter. Other stations were vegetables, pies, rolls, and things like that. When most of the work was done, I helped with the dishes. And let me tell you, dishes covered in butter, being washed in a small sink, tend to splash. Now, when they splash, not only do you get covered in water, but also butter. So as you can imagine, wearing brown might not have been the best idea ever. I was also covered in a bit of flour. So, not only did we get to cook a meal, we also got to eat it. Did you know they ate off of their knife? It was considered improper to eat with your fork, and also they were rather sharp. The knifes back then (mostly) had a little spoonish thing at the end and so it is not as hard as you would imagine. We also learned a bit more about family life while eating our dinner. (which is what the noon day mean was called. Lunch would be a snack in between meals)

Finishing that up, we put the dishes into the dishwasher (I know right? How modern!) and headed off to Freeman farm. We gave the buttermilk to the pigs, and they were quite happy with us. I saw an intern that I knew from summer camps, and she showed us all the kitchen gardens, and the smoke house. Freeman farm has always been one of my favorite places. As we walked from place to place, Kim would school us on communication skills, and costumer service. We got to take rides on the Stage coach, the carryall, and the river boat also, which was a treat. All the other Jr. Inters are so fun, its so easy to get along with them!!
We practiced with the games, like graces (with the two sticks, and the hoop and you make the hoop fly by uncrossing the sticks) and the other one with the large hoop, and you would use a stick, and make it roll. We did races with that, and it got crazy. It was wicked fun though. When the day was coming to an end, we watched the hot air balloon being set off, which was cool. Then we left. I am in freeman farm tomorrow with one of the homeschooled interns. I don’t know her very well yet, but she seems awesome. If it is not raining we might be in the kitchen garden, but most likely in the kitchens either way. So yes, that was our training. I may have left out a few details but like I said, I am tired. I am like trying to not fall asleep. But I might just give in and go lay down…

Oh! One last thing. I have two dresses because I will be at the village a lot. However, one of the dresses does not fit anymore. That makes no sense because I have lost weight since the fitting!! So I need to figure something out about that. Anywho, thanks for reading, have a great day and all that jazz. (haha this seems lame and tiny compared to my last post!! Ah well.  )

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