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Thursday, February 13, 2014

My right leg might be immune to bruises

An actual argument occurred between my sister and I. For some reason, she does not think it is possible for someone to have a body part that is immune to bruises. I will have to do some more research on this to prove my point. (And by research I mean punch myself in the right leg again and watch as no bruise appears)

 Me: I am immune to bruises.

Jenna: I wont even dignify that with an argumentative response.
 [that might be a slight difference from what she actually said, but in my mind she is always all smart and sophisticated, so that is how I am writing her.]

Me: Seriously Jenna, I dont have a bruise on this leg. My left leg is covered in bruises that I dont have any idea how they get there, so I wanted to see how easily I bruised and punched myself in the right leg. AND THERE IS NO BRUISE! Its like, my right leg has an epic immunity to bruises. Its my superpower.
 [I had actually said this a lot less clearly. Maybe if I had said it exactly like this, she would have realized how right I am]

Jenna: There is no way that that is a superpower. And you probably just did not hit yourself hard enough.[Again, added sophisticated-ness. I am also pretty sure this was an offer to punch me. I almost accepted]

Me: I hit myself plenty hard. My right leg has the most scars, and my left the most bruises. I am like, the least symmetrical person on the planet. And yes, I know that is not a superpower, I am not insane.

Jenna: *coughs* sure.....

Also, if you have never woken up to your adorable rabbit licking your nose, you have not lived. Charlie licked my face until I woke up this morning and then she cuddled with me for about an hour. Bunnies. Are. Awesome.
If you dont like rabbits, you should meet mine. I didnt like rabbits until I met Charlilly!
[Except all white ones. Those scare the life out of me. Seriously. Im pretty sure they eat flesh. Just saying.]

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