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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A life is a life no matter how small

I have heard a lot of people lately saying how abortion is a woman's choice.
And I agree. It is a choice. But not one I would make in a million years.

It is said that before the "fetus" is 12 weeks, it is not a real person.
because we cannot PROVE that a soul exists
because, if we admit that the child (No. Not fetus. Child) has a soul, then it would be wrong to kill them.

Look at this photo please.
Do you see this child? This is a fetus at 11 weeks. Legal to abort. 
Do you see that face? The delicate little nose. 
Do you see those eyes? Ones that would love to have the chance see the world they are being denied.

Yes, you can say you would be a horrid mother. Or that they will have an illness that will make their lives not worth while. Let me tell you--As someone who lives with a chronic illness.
As someone who suffers daily
Even if there is one happy moment it makes everything else worth it.

Who knows who that child would have become? What wonderful things they could have done with their lives. The impressions upon others lives. 

This is a fetus at 12 weeks. She will respond to touch. She gurgles with her mouth when she is happy. The brain is forming, ready to meet her world. 
Look at those beautiful little hands. How could anyone deny her the joy of feeling with those little hands?

I say that if you have sex and a child is conceived, then that child is yours to bring into this world.
Yeah, it is a woman's choice. 

If I chose to kill myself, that would be my choice. My womanly choice. But that is wrong because I am recognized as a person. 

If I chose to kill someone, that would be my choice. My choice as a Woman. But I would be put in jail for taking a human's life. 

Just because the worlds "Fetus" "It" and "abort" are used, it does not make it any less horrific. 

Some people might read this and get angry with me. Maybe saying "what about if a woman is raped?" 

Yes. Rape is horrible. It is a horrific, horrid thing that I wish would leave this world forever. 
I know this is a really hard subject. 
And if anyone reading this has been raped, I am so, so sorry. 
But just because you have been wronged, it does not mean you should end the life of the child inside you.
Yes, the child was made through horrible circumstances. But maybe that child of yours is the one who will help you get over the anger and shame of what happened.


  1. hi rowan,
    here's a virtual hug back from a very new homeschooler. your mom lizzie has helped us to learn about homeschooling our only child, ayla (named after the heroine in the 'clan of the cave bear' series - please don't tell her i told! she had a terrible experience in our local 2-year public school, m.e. small, and has had 'sensory integration disorder' since birth (though she was fine all public school years till that certain school). anyhow, i wanted to see what another homeschooling kid in our area was like and your depth of heart touches me so! i have been a poet/writer since childhood as well, and ayla is writing her own fantasy-fiction novel right now! keep persevering, as it is clear and true God has a plan through and for you.

    finally, if you have any encouraging words you feel we as a new homeschooling family, including now-shy ayla who's 12, should hear, please feel free to tell us. today, her father and i are looking online for the free online HSLDA homeschool training course. i'll check my and ayla's gmail (we have the same, though she mainly has her own private deviantart, tumblr, and youtubes):

    keep strong in heart and mind, you're terrific,
    sara quest (ay's mom)

  2. OMG, apologies for another posting here but i just realized you're named after a tree as is our ayla. i discovered later in her childhood that 'ayla' means 'oak tree' in jewish!


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