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Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Today

Just today I wish I did not love reading, so I was not wondering what is next in The Order of the Phoenix during grammar. 
Just today I wish I did not love singing so I could focus on school. (although singing science terms does help.) Just today do I wish that we did not have an outdoor cat, so I did not have to race to pause science, and chase him around the yard to save a chipmunk. 
Just today I wish I did not have an OCD dog who follows me around begging for her herding ball.
Just today I wish that...... well I guess that's about it actually. Ah well, back to school for me. But one more thing.
Just today I wish I did not love blogging so I can get school done faster. But I guess that's the way the ball rolls. And the way my mind works. 
This post is all thanks to our cat Mickey, and the chipmunk that was caught. As you can see I am inspired by random odd things. Also, please to not start hoping for any normal posts, because those happen once in a blue moon. 
The Title warned you that it is Mountain Ash MUSINGS. Not "Normal non-crazy everyday things." Musings is the key word there. So long.

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