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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Its a love/hate relationship.

Fashion. You have probably heard that word. Sometimes uttered in disgust, sometimes in sheer delight. However, fashion sometimes is not always so simple as it seems.  I believe that it differs greatly depending on the person considering it.

Modern, Chic, Retro, Vintage, Grunge, Drab, Classic. All words that mean one thing…fashion! Fashion does not have to be all runway glitz and glamour. It can be as simple as spending those extra five minutes (Okay lets be honest, 10 minutes) to find your lucky tights, get that last strand of hair right, and clasp on a necklace. Fashion can be meant to stand out from the crowd or blend in with style.

            My sense of fashion is what most call eclectic. I will readily admit sometimes it looks amazing and sometimes it’s a major fashion fail! But hey, if you don’t try it how will you know? Some people say you cannot wear a corset anymore, but others are incorporating it more and more into their clothing. Just the other day I wore a A-line red short sleeved dress with a black silver clasped corset over top! Toss on some chic silver bling and a pair of black heals and bam, your very own fashion show. We all have those moments in our bedrooms where we try on random outfits that we would never show anyone! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your closet. (No one has to know you tried a blouse, skirt, and toe socks.)

            Long rant short, don’t be afraid of fashion! If you are into going to fashion shows and trying out every style, that is awesome. If you are into checking out peoples outfits while out and about and silently criticizing the mannequins in shop windows, that’s cool too! Both are fashion! And even if you are the most fashion conscious person in the world, we all have our “comfy clothes” that we don’t want anyone to see.  Perhaps its not quite glamorous, but not everything has to be. As long as you don’t end up on “People Of Walmart” you are fine!

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