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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello. My name is Rowan. I am a plant addict.

So, recently I've started working at Mahoney's Garden Center in Falmouth.
It is an amazing place, and I had wanted to work there for a few years now.

In short, I adore it. Its calm and relaxing even when we are really busy. Between the lovely flowers and the birds chirping, its like a heaven. A really busy, sweaty heaven.

(I was worried about having a job with my Lyme disease, but my Panic attacks and Anxiety attacks have not even been a problem there, which is amazing.)

However, all jobs have their little problems. This one is more of a my problem then the job.
See, the problem with working at a Garden Center, is almost every plant I see, I want.  I have literally been counting down the days till I get payed, JUST so I can then go and buy plants and seeds. 

I have a feeling that most of the money I make will be spent there. Aaand I am okay with that. 

Hello. My name is Rowan. I am a plant addict. 

You might say "Oh no, You are not an addict. You just like plants!"

Ohhhho hoo! Well you my dear, would be wrong. 

I have a whole list of seeds that I want for an herb garden. And the list is pretty much every herb that can be grown on Cape Cod. 

I also have a whole list of plants that I would like to get. (Mostly Perennials) 

Not only that, but I have been planning for a Grape Arbor. 
I also want to get Roses, Lilacs, and a Bay Laurel. 

I would say "OH SOMEONE HELP ME"

But I really dont want to be helped. I ADORE plants. 

THEN. Then I realized that I will, one day, move out of my Parent's house (Hopefully!!) and it will be hard to bring all of them with me. Some plants dont like to be transplanted. Also, Mom might not want to let them go.


*Sighhhhh* I blame my dear Nana in full for my addiction to plants. She keeps the most amazing gardens that I have been enamored with since I was very little. 

Also, MaTante Rebecca loved her gardens so very much. 

Between those two amazing women, my addiction to plants has no cure.

And I can not thank them enough for that! 

Oh hey. I have to leave for work in an hour.
I guess that is the end of my post!



  1. Glad to hear you like your job. I imagine it would be very nice to work there. Do you get an employee discount? Do you get to take plants home that they would otherwise throw away? We will look for you there next time we stop by.

  2. good for you! it is kind of a dream career!


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