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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catching up!

Oh my goodness, it has been a while since I last posted. I realized this when one of my friends put it oh-so-delicately "Come on dudette, I like reading about your life!"

Since I last posted, I have dyed my hair red (thats gone now...) and have had several different streaks of color in it.  I have pierced my own ear (Left ear...I had a second piercing on the right and wanted one on the left)
I have been Helena, Lady Macbeth, and the female version of Don John in 3 different Homeschool productions of Shakespeare, all of which were so fun, and I miss the class already.   I got to be stupid, evil, mislead, and downright villainous, while having an amazing time with some dear friends.   Wednesday was the last play, which was Much Ado About Nothing. Not only was this the most fun to put on, but we did a full version of it, and it was the best of the plays we have done. (Though, Macbeth was incredibly fun. I like being evil....)
  Here is a link to a practice scene from Macbeth. (Thats me with the red hair...second to the left) (My Mom's YouTube channel)

Also, during Much Ado, we all had to learn the stroll! Which was so fun!!!! (My 3 favorite things are singing, dancing, and acting, so you can imagine how fun this was for me!!)   Here is a video of Crystal teaching us the stroll! (Me in the black "love" shirt and the overly drawn on jeans)  

I also did a biology lab with my friends Thomas, and Kevin, and Nathan. We dissected a worm, crayfish, perch, and frog.   Our teachers were my Mother, and Thomas's mother MaryEllen Oliver, who was also our Shakespeare teacher. (We watched a video, but the dude was totally creepy, and really was not that helpful anyway.)    Perch Lab where we are trying to cut into the brain, and Kevin is trying to shove a spoon down a "baby alive's" throat   and then Reinflating a frogs lung!!

Also, before all that, I did an offertory song at the church which mom recorded. I am not proud of it, and I am going to regret putting the link up, but I love the song, and so here we are. Does not really matter how you sound so long as you are praising God yeah? Me singing Hallalujah, what a savior

All, in all, I have had a pretty fun time, expect for my Lyme disease which is making me miserable. I am going to a Lyme Doctor on Monday in Boston to see if he can help me. I am off medication right now, and have been for a few days, because I was laying around barely moving with a combination of nausea and pain. Not fun..... But! It could be worse. I am not like that all the time, and usually am able to bop around without anyone even guessing I am in pain SO we are good! :-)

Wednesday, my Memere is coming to pick me up, and I am going back to Old Sturbridge Village. Costume fitting Thursday, and I will be at the village Friday! I can't wait, I love it there so much. I will miss my friends like crazy though.    

Tomorrow we are having a movie night The Oliver's after church and the service on the beach. (I AM SO GLAD THESE ARE HAPPENING AGAIN I LOVE WORSHIP ON THE BEACH!!!)  We are hopefully watching Men in Black 2, but we cant find anyone who has it, and neither of us do, so we are probably watching Galaxy Quest. (I have never actually heard of it before....)

Well, so long for now, I am going to see my cousin Samantha to celebrate her graduation!

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  1. Beautiful job singing Hallelujah, What a Savior, Rowan! I know you'll have a great experience at the village. ~ Lyddie


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