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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Carmel apples

Well, for me today marked Autumn officially. It is a Saturday so that makes it pretty good. I woke up to my cousin Ashley telling me to get up because if she has to be up so do I. I love my cousin! She and Elaine had to come over with the cats for a while. So We popped in a movie (Mary-Kate and Ashley)and had a grand old time.
They left after a few hours. I am happy because I don't have a sister bugging me, she has a friend over.

So I made caramel apples. This was my first time mom has trusted my with something like this. (and it is about time. I am 14 for goodness sake!)

Just for the record I don't think there is anything bad about caramel apples. You have fun making them share them with some friends over Cider and HA WHO AM I KIDDING!! You don't share them! You keep them all to yourself!! Hide them away in a secret place! Just kidding that would never happen. My favorite part about Caramel apples is....hmm...well is there really a "Best part"? Especially when you hand picked the apples off the trees!

So anyway, I buttered a plate and got out the bag of caramels and the sticks. As I melt the caramels I ask Jenna to hand me the buttered plate. I turn around to point it out to her and find the kitten licking the butter off the plate! That darn cat! oh well. As I start to roll the apples in the caramel Mom stands next to me telling me how to do it ( I KNOW Mom!) She is actually just waiting to have one. Well I don't see the big rush they have to cool in the fridge for an hour anyway! We both really wanted one so we cut up and apple and dipped in into the left over caramel. (there was not leftovers for long!) So now I am just waiting for them to be done. THEN I will keep them all to my self! MY PRECIOUS!! Sorry I had to incorporate 'Lord Of The Rings' somehow!


  1. you are a crazy teen


  2. haaaaa you are


  3. Thanks Luke for Both those comments....I know this how? You told me at church that it was you on both comments.


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